Our Latest HbA1c Results

Last week Monday, hubby took Rudi to see the paediatrician for his three-month check-up and to draw blood for his HbA1c tests. When we told him why he was not going to school that day, he was not too keen on the idea and kept on asking whether it was going to hurt when the nurse puts the needle in his arm. This is not the first – or second or third – time he has gone for these tests, so we calmly reassured him that it will be exactly like before: FINE. You, my little trooper, will be fine.

And what a trooper he ended up being! He didn’t even flinch when the nurse put him on the bed and inserted the needle. When I told my colleague how brave he was, she joked and said: “Rudi eats needles for breakfast”. And, quite frankly, he does 🙂

The first thing Rudi told me when I got home from work on Monday was: “Ek het vir die tannie geluister!” (I listened to the auntie!) He knew he was a superhero and pride was part of his outfit for the rest of the afternoon. And the evening was just different… For once we pretended we’re not waiting for HbA1c results. We celebrated with a braai because that’s what we do when we need to deal with stuff – good and bad. And after supper, we had real ice cream. The normal kind.

To be honest, I was not too optimistic about the results since Rudi had a mild cold a couple of times over the past three months. He also went through a severe growth spurt, which created some havoc with his glucose levels. So all-in-all, we anticipated an HbA1c of eight.

Rudi, Mo, Knersus and Coco

On Tuesday morning we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Knersus, after 12 years of love and cuddles, so the morning started off being rather emotional. Then the paediatrician phoned… Seven! After being all teary in the morning, we were as excited as only parents with a T1D Toddler with an HbA1c of seven can be! Seven has been our best HbA1c reading to date, so it was really a big deal to us. We have one incredible support system and informed all of them immediately.

We have an inside joke about celebrating Rudi’s blood test results with PO10C Shooters (I once said that I would drink out a whole bottle if Rudi’s HbA1c was 7.5 or below, which it ended up being. Needless to say, I did not finish the bottle – not even close – and it has been in the fridge ever since then.) So on Tuesday evening, we poured ourselves a shot each. Rudi insisted on having a shot too, so we poured him a shot of Energade Zero.

It was an up-and-down day, but we had so many things to celebrate. Hard work pays off and a support system makes it so much easier. So cheers to the good and the bad! (And now we are aiming for a 6.5! 😉 )

Yours in celebration,

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