Accidental Butternut Cupcakes

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When I was pregnant with Rudi I craved flapjacks a lot. With bacon and maple syrup, of course! 😉 Since the T1D diagnoses, we are obviously avoiding maple syrup, so I found this pancake mix alternative by Lean Gourmet Skinny Syrups at Dischem which is really – really – good and it goes well with this recipe.

In search of a healthy alternative to high-sugar high-carb flapjacks, I started experimenting with butternut as the main ingredient. But alas, I could not perfect the recipe. One evening, I tried again and thankfully wrote everything down as I carried on. At the end of my not-so-successful attempt, my batter was too runny to make flapjacks – or even pancakes! Almond flour is an expensive ingredient, so I decided to make the best of the situation and poured the batter into a cupcake mould instead. To my surprise, a lovely bunch of cupcakes was born! Rudi loves them and they are great for his lunchbox as a low-carb snack to keep him going at school.

Let me know how it goes in your kitchen, k?

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