An open letter to my agency

Dear team,

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for a couple of things. Things you might not even know you are doing, things you think are minor and just things that, well, mean things to me.

Of course, I have to start off with a note of thanks to the boss people. If it weren’t for you being lenient with me working Flexi hours, life for me would have been impossible. Allowing me to leave for an hour to feed and inject Rudi, taking and making calls during office hours and allowing me, in general, to disrupt things mean the world to me. I know it is not always easy for you either, but do know that I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Thank you for that.

On the topic of disruptions: thank you to the other staff members for not being mean to me because I am allowed to come and go as I need to. It would have been nicer for me too if I did not have to leave every other day. Thank you guys for working around it. I am privileged to be part of such an understanding team.

A special note of thanks to my office partner for knowing when to say something and knowing when to keep quiet. Your interest in Rudi’s health and your sharing of information and Google links are greatly appreciated, and so is your dark humour; not everyone appreciates our quirky diabetes t-shirts the way you do. (And thank you for the random ideas you throw around!) It is nice that I can call myself a prick when referring to measuring the kid and you don’t frown upon it.

And then, in general, thank you all for not always asking questions the whole time and thank you for asking questions too. The balance is perfect and I appreciate the endless support and interest. I hope that one day I can make it up to you all, although it won’t be with cake, I am sorry 🙂

Many hugs,

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