When you’re that mom on the aeroplane

We survived yet another trip away from home. And, as suspected, things are getting easier. In this post, I spoke about a mom’s duty in general, and how important it is to comfort your child and be confident for their sake. And everything was good and well until the flight got grounded. Now that’s one way to stuff up a well-planned travelling day.

We installed the Freestyle Libre for the trip, which made a miraculous difference in the sense of measuring and knowing what is going on. Especially when we were at the airport and cleaning hands properly and pricking Rudi discreetly were not on the cards. So heads up for a great convenience there. (Watch this space for our detailed experience of this product!)

Our trip there went great. Rudi’s sugar was fairly under control with a couple of highs in between, but no hypos to put us into any danger zones. >PHEW< Our trip back home, on the other hand…

We started off with close-to-hypos in the early morning hours. Then, as we were getting closer to morning snack time – average to low sugar – Rudi fell asleep in the car and I had to replace his snack with a bottle of milk just so he can be wide awake afterwards. (A full 30 minutes of sleep!) When we reached the airport his sugar started rising. And after lunch, we were hanging about 15 – where we stayed until we got home.

The milk was supposed to be his afternoon snack on the aeroplane when it is normal naptime. (I booked both our flights to suit his eating and sleeping schedules.) Thankfully, I carry an additional box of long-life milk in my bag, so I did not worry too much about that. After killing an hour at the Spur’s play area, we were finally heading home. All aboard and ready to leave, the captain announced our flight was grounded permanently. Off we went to meet another aeroplane that could bring us home. By the time we were waiting at another gate for our new plane, Rudi was way beyond tired. His sugar was high and he was hungry. He ended up being the kid lying on a filthy airport floor eating strawberries with dirty hands.

By the time we boarded our second plane, things got worse. I saved his milk especially for this occasion so he can easily fall asleep until we land in PE. But no. Over-exhausted, irritable, hungry and high sugar levels call for a disaster. I tried to, well, discipline him but knew it was going to take some bad-ass yelling and a firm smack on the bum to get him to go to sleep. How do you even do that without being crucified by the public?! I felt really bad for his sake. I know on the best of days having high sugar is not easy. Even more so when your mom ran out of healthy snacks and patience and the whole world is just irritating you. So I endured the trip with a straight-as-possible-face pretending my child is only being, well, a child. But deep within, I was proud of my little trooper’s perseverance.

So, next time when you see a mom in public with a misbehaving child and she allows him to cuddle a stuffed lion on a filthy airport floor while feeding him snacks out of her handbag – simultaneously threatening to smack his bum – read this story again and think before you judge. You never know if that family had to drive three and a half hours to get to the airport, spend two hours at the airport just to be grounded for an additional hour.

Well, I am proud to be that mom too.

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