Comfort and confidence – a mom’s duty

In two weeks’ time, Rudi and I will be off to Mpumalanga all by ourselves. It kinda freaks me out when I think about the trip, but on the other hand, I am like “we’ve got this.” We’ve got this because I am now more comfortable with the whole diabetic thing. I won’t ever become comfortable, don’t get me wrong, but I am more confident about my overall organising skills than I was with our first trip away. And besides, we are not going to an isolated farm somewheres, we will be close to shops in case I did forget something.

Well, two weeks, a thousand boxes to tick off my list and meal planning. Always the meal plan! It will be a challenge to pack and sort his snacks and meals for the trip, as we are on the aeroplane for almost two hours and then on the road for another three and a half. Somewhere in between, we will need to snack, eat meals and give injections, and last-mentioned will have to take place in a public area and not the convenience of his own bedroom or the school’s changing room. This scares me a bit, but I am sure we will manage just fine.

Even though the travelling stresses me out a little, I am more comfortable with this trip because I know my mom will be around. Not that she knows much about being the proud owner of a T1D toddler, but she’s my mom and moms give comfort and confidence. And that is exactly what my job will be… to give comfort and confidence. Rudi’s comfort will rely solely on me and it will be my duty to make him feel confident as we approach the journey. His thoughts should be something in the lines of: “surely this woman (that’s me, the mom) knows what she is doing.” So let’s hold thumbs this woman knows what she is doing and that she will be doing it well.

Hugs from a nervous mom,

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