Not without a fight

Following our strange day two weeks ago, the husband and I had a hiccup or seven. I suppose this is normal since we all take out our stress on the people closest to us. I don’t know about you, but as a T1D toddler’s mom, I tend to take hypos personally. I always feel at stake; as if I did something wrong, forgot something, made a mistake with his menu…the list goes on. I know hypers and hypos are completely normal with diabetes, but still.

Obviously the husband had to go through the checklist of possibilities which I take very personally too. Did you inject him the right amount, did he eat all his carbs, did you remember this and that… Sure, it needs to be asked, I know, but after such a day I can’t help but feel as if I am in the dog box already. So we had an enormous – pointless – fight about it and went to bed over-exhausted and somewhat depressed.

It sounds bad, but it happens every time. Not because either of us is playing the blame-game or pointing fingers, just because. Just. Because. It is frustrating and unnecessary tiring and should not happen in the first place. Thankfully we are grown-up enough to chat through everything the following day and give the needed apologies.

Neither of us was wrong. We were not right either, but that is irrelevant. The point is that raising a diabetic child on good days is stressful, even more so on bad ones. And your companion on the journey will be the first to receive your punches, so will you be the first to receive theirs. If this is happening to you, please know it’s sorta normal. It happens in our tiny household very often too! Stay strong, the skies will clear again and the ride will become more pleasant.

Your in love and support,

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