The things we do to put our minds at ease

We had a good sugar day yesterday. Well, not great, but good enough to celebrate it. We test Rudi’s sugar an average of 11 times per day. This sounds crazy, I know, but his sugar is still very unstable and hubby and I are both petrified of hypos. We have our safe and not-so-safe reading margins and have a plan of action if we reach the latter.

Yesterday’s hour-after-lunch reading was good. It was a safe 12.6 reading. If it is below 7, we give Rudi 60ml of milk just so his sugar can last for another hour when it is nap time. So, an hour later when I tested him for his afternoon snack and nap his reading was 3.7. I nearly hyper-ventilated. This means that the kid has dropped almost nine units in exactly an hour. But, it was not a hypo, which is all that counts and I put him to bed with his full dose of milk. And then the mind wanders…

You may perhaps know that your sugar meter can be out with 10%, meaning Rudi could have been experiencing a hypo. He just fell asleep and I could not get any reaction out of him. Normally after half an hour after he fell asleep, he breathes more deeply so you can hear it. And when you can’t hear it, he reacts to a cold hand in his neck. But not within the first 30 minutes of his afternoon nap. I was concerned he may as well have passed out while I am thinking he is fighting pirates in dreamland somewhere far-far away. So what do you do?

At the moment he has a cold wearing off, so his nose is stuffy causing post-nasal drip along with snoring and coughing and the rest of the joys that tag along. I took the liberty of the situation and decided to spray his nose with saline solution. He does not always mind it, but while he is sleeping it is a recipe for the perfect family fight. We should know. But that’s what I did. I have never been that thankful for an upset wide-awake child! I am sure many incidents like these are on the horizon, but for now, saline solution is my gateway to sanity when my freezing hands are not enough.

So now you know you are not the only paranoid parent out there 😉

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