Our first HbA1c test results

When I took Rudi for his blood tests on Friday I was nervous for numerous reasons, but two main reasons had me close to an anxiety attack. (A) Was this kid going to cope with more needles and (B) What were the results going to be and what will that mean to us.

When the nurse pinned him down on the bed I had a severe De Ja Vu from our hospital days and I saw the tiny human’s eyes and knew he had the same flashback. He quietly started to cry. When the nurse put the needle in his arm, he did not even flinch, he just cried the same quiet tone. It was heartbreaking. Afterwards, I could not even take him for ice cream to celebrate the bravery! But in the near future, a low-carb alternative is on the cards. Watch this space 😉

On Monday the paediatrician phoned the husband… 10. Rudi’s HbA1c count is 10. This is not good. Well, until recently, I was not sure what exactly HbA1c was or what exactly it is supposed to be. (This article has a nice infographic showing where we are and where we want to be and little in-between details.) I know I should not take his test results so personally, but unfortunately, I do. It is just such a disappointment when you have been working really hard on your child’s wellbeing and the result is not perfect.

After a very high sugar weekend due to fever, we were at the verge of making an appointment with the doctor to see what was going on. The test results made us schedule an appointment earlier, of course. The paediatrician is always very accommodating and booked us for a double appointment since there was a lot to discuss. We discussed everything. His diet, his routine, his activity levels, his fever, the possibilities, the factors, the causes, you name it. It was a bit comforting to know not all was in vain; we are actually doing a great job.

Rudi’s doctor adjusted his insulin dosages and told us to stick to our program – well done us. Now we can tackle the next four months to see how we are doing. It is a slow process, but time goes by so quickly and before we know it I will be updating you again on our next reading.

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