How we survived our first weekend away

For the first time since Rudi’s been diagnosed with diabetes five months ago, we went away for a weekend. We spent the weekend on a farm 50km outside of Graaff Reinet, which meant we had to take everything with. No convenient pop-into-the-shops or anything like that. Unlike a day trip to the beach where you only cater for one meal and maybe two snacks, we had to plan in advance for three and a half days. So how did we do that? Lists! We had endless lists of to-dos and to-remembers! Planning is essential.

My husband and I decided beforehand who will be in charge of what and started planning a week in advance. I was in charge of food and clothing, he was in charge of the medical side of things. So, how did we do that? With lists. Endless lists with ticks and exclamation marks. We wrote everything down and went through daily routines to double-check everything was there.

Meal-planning is exhausting, but it is probably one of the most important things in our day-to-day life at the moment. I planned all of Rudi’s meals in advance and created my shopping list from there. As I packed I ticked off everything he will be eating from the meal plan to ensure everything was there. On a daily base, I precook most of his vegetables and keep it in the freezer with sticky notes saying how much it weighs, which correlates with his food diary’s entries.

On the medical side of things, my husband took extras of everything. We had an additional glucose meter with extra batteries we kept separate from the one we use. We took extra insulin pens – both slow-release and rapid-acting. And Super C’s… in every single bag I packed.

I am not a well-organised person. Well, I did not use to be. But this trip made me realise just how organised I can actually be! I totally came across as if I had my shit together 🙂 Everything went well and we were actually able to relax and enjoy the well-deserved break away from daily routine.

We survived by making lists.

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