Creating a meal plan for your T1D toddler

Having a meal plan is super important and I can’t stress this enough. Professionals suggest you stick to a plan and ensure you eat similar foods every day. Because Rudi is still so small, we need to give him a certain amount of carbs with every single meal and snack, so we can’t really follow a complete low-carb diet yet.

For breakfast, he gets 25g of carbs. I have three breakfast options which I am rotating from day to day. Snack times have 15g of carbs allocated and his morning snack depends on the breakfast he had. Lunch and supper are both 20g of carbs. For lunch, he gets wholegrain, low-GI bread with different options of toppings, varying between cheese spread, Bovril and cheese, honey and peanut butter or avocado. Along with his bread – when not with honey – he gets fresh fruit, either banana, apple or pear. Afternoon snack is always a 300ml bottle of milk along with his nap time. Supper has four meal options and bedtime is also a 300ml bottle of milk.

This does not sound very complex, but trying to stick to the carb-count without getting boring is quite a challenge. You learn how to improvise and adapt though. What works for us is keeping a food diary. I use a nothing-fancy journal and divide the pages into six parts: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper, snack. I also write the day of the week and the date in the margin so it is easier to keep track of where you are and it also helps when planning meals ahead. It makes it easy to refer back to good and bad days to see what he had to eat and what effect his meal had on his sugar levels. At the back of the book, I write down the nutritional values and also recipes as I make up concoctions along the way.

In essence, I try to make this as easy and user-friendly as possible. In the beginning it used to stress me out, but it gets easier by the day. Let me know what works for you!

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